I am Harshal Parekh
Software Developer & UX Researcher.

I explore the fields of design, technology, and SDLC to apply interdisciplinary perspectives to develop useful, and intuitive software.
My superpower is reading error messages (and googling them) before posting a new question to StackOverflow.

Moments after being announced as the winner of "Hack This, Help Kids" - Hackathon for Hope.

I focus my design and development around stories. Stories of what it has been, what it is, and what it can be. Stories that have a faint scent of recognition – an inviting solace – however are bound with a wild appeal, a reinvention of convention, and a hypothesis of probability.

It is with this interest I approach research, procedure, and plan as mediums for examining, inciting, and encouraging the poetics of interactions. My work is grounded in the interplay of humans, nature, and innovation; a lifelong exploration of what it means to be human, and how we can better connect with each other.

Hackathons Won

I have participated in 20+ hackathons and won 6 of them. I personally like the solutions built in the SDLC Hackathon 2019 and Hack This, Help Kids 2018.

Medium Partner

I no longer post stories on Medium. I maintain my blog here; available for free. I have only kept the most popular ones still available on Medium.

I'll always regret ...

... not working on MediCard - a NFC-based card to fetch patient details, reports, prescriptions, and much more. It all started in a hackathon in 2013; intermittently improved till 2017; and then ...

Community Contributions

After writing more than 200 upvoted answers, I am not actively writing answers on stackoverflow anymore. I occasionally improve stisla or python-ds on github


"Should Allegheny County operate buses on these new routes?" -  backed by Uber.
"Cloud Computing for community colleges." -  backed by Microsoft.
I have 2 Visa patents and have also published 6 technical research papers in my undergrad.

Backend Development — OpenAPI/Swagger

Java, Java, & Java! Vert.x, Vert.x, & Vert.x!

I am also comfortable with Python Flask & Node.js Express.js;
I can write decent, low-overhead Scala as well.

['front-end', 'frontend', 'front end']

I have a good eye for design (does this portfolio attest to it?). I usually use jQuery (small apps) or React to create a beautiful user experience.

On AWS/GCP/Azure

Usually for deployments; bigger apps using docker + kubernetes + helm.
I like to pull out the big guns for Big Data; especially while working with MapReduce (EMR), Spark (HDInsight), Kafka + Samza/Flink.

External Libraries & Small Frameworks

As required, I can (and have) learned new technologies.
I love but also hate how easy it is to find libraries for every small requirement in Python/Node; but not in Java.

Machine Learning & Databases

MongoDB! DocumentDB? Cassandra! Neo4j!

When I work with ML, my models always continue learning in the production environment. NoSQL! Always! Except for user tables, in some cases.

This Portfolio...

... is built using Pug/CSS3, Node.js + Express, and a fuck ton of JavaScript libraries.