Harshal Parekh

Software Engineer at 6sense based out of Austin
Previously responsible for API / System Design at Visa
& framework development and UXR of Paradise IoT Dashboard at Digiotouch.
Master's — Carnegie Mellon.

Freelancing for small / medium projects.
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Selected Deep Dives

In all code, I strive for brevity (without loss of legibility).
The less code there is, the less places there are for bugs to lurk.


Payment gateway validation system, and more

Working closely with multiple teams in the core payments department to develop tools for seemingly unsolvable problems and create experiences that connect design and human behaviour

Repository maintainer having java wrapper methods of all utilised cloud-client APIs
1.7MN internal-only hits on Minerva
Approved Visa Patent for Athena's Permutation's Engine
Reduced gateway TTM by 35%

API Structuring & System Design // Sr. Software Developer
Front-end and UI Design // Full Stack & UX Research

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All-in-one platform to view real-time data from IoT devices

Designing & developing Digiotouch's complete dashboard from scratch while also delivering quality user experiences across a broad platform

SSO APIs for sibling companies
Self-healing dockerized micro-services on Google Kubernetes Engine
Zero downtime CI/CD pipelines
Real-time chart updates

Paradise IoT Dashboard // Software Lead

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User Recommendation and Topic Words Extraction from 100MN Tweets

A scalable, reliable web-service over 100MN tweets on AWS
A 3 week cloud computing academic project extended and improved over the summer

Query 1: Is this a valid blockchain transaction? RPS: 60,000
Query 2: What friends to recommend to this user? RPS: 22,000
Query 3: What are the to N topic words in this country and during this time? RPS: 6,000
First on the leaderboard for the mixed query
Achieved maximum RPS under the budget of $0.85/hour on AWS

High performant web-services // Backend Engineer

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Processing stream data and a variety of ML models stitched together

Complete backend designing and development of a cab service by handling large stream of data in real-time, predicting cab prices with a high accuracy, and end-to-end backend accepting speech queries for rides and responding with a speech-based answer

Matched 10,000+ customers to drivers per second deployed on AWS EMR
Hyper-parameter tuning of XGBoost model predicting cab fares
GCP text-to-speech and speech-to-text
Cloud Vision & AutoML to identify locations from photos

Stream-Processing Engineer // Process Kafka messages
ML Engineer // XGBoost tuning & GCP ML Apps and Services

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